Tour De France 2024 – Most Challenging Bicycle Race Ever! When, Where, Start date, Schedule, Route, Confirmed Stages, Teams and Riders

France De Tour or Tour De France is a prestigious and one of the most challenging bicycle races you can take part in. Moreover, it is the most demanding race among the three races that payers worldwide participate. It is both physically draining and mentally challenging bicycle competition there is to offer.

People from around the globe who are the best of the best at cycle racing participate in the tour de France race. It has 20 professional teams that consist of 9 riders from each team, and you will have to ride for 3600 kilometers to win the France de tour. However, the race is mainly in the streets of France with unique visits to Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Spain. The long race generally starts from the outside of France and then goes through the streets to accomplish a 3600 KM pedaling and challenging race.

So, we thought, why not let all of you know more about France De Tour, its conduct, and how people take part in such a unique yet physically draining race across France.


Tour de France 2024 Florence, Italy

  • First winner: Maurice Garin (FRA)
  • Venue: France
  • Next date: Sat, Jun 29, 2024 – Sun, Jul 21, 2024
  • Competition: UCI World Tour
  • Date: July
  • Discipline: Road
  • Editions: 110 (as of 2023)
  • Location: France, Italy, Monaco

About France De Tour

Tour De France
France De Tour 2022!

If you are a competitive bicycle rider and looking to get into a challenge, start your training for the France de tour. It is one of the most significant annual sporting events globally, with 20 teams competing from different countries in the world. Moreover, it is also one of the most viewed sports events in the world. 

The tour de France generally takes place in France with some exceptions occasionally. However, it is mainly a scroll down France’s road with 20 teams of bicycle riders, and each team has a total of 9 riders to participate in the race. 

It is a 3600 KM ride, which starts from outside France and goes down into the city. Not only is attract pro bicycle riders but also fans and tourists to see the live game. However, the most challenging part of the race is time-trial racing, racing on flat and mountain inclines. It tests your physical abilities as a cyclist, and you’re mental and willpower as an athlete. 

If you are a cyclist and aim to run on the upcoming France de tour, start training as you will have the endurance and patience to make it to the end. 

How You Can Get in the Tour De France

How You Can Get in the Tour De France
Wanna know! How You Can Get in the Tour De France?

The tour de France may be the world’s biggest premier cycling event; however, it is not open for any individual who has a fancy bicycle. You will have to enter as a team, although there will be one single winner from any of the top 20 teams in the event.

The first thing you need to do is get yourself in a team and start your training. The France De Tour invites teams from different countries depending on their international rankings. However, there are some wild-card entries, but those are teams, not individual athletes. 

You will have to perform well enough for the scout to spot you. The best way to get in your international cyclist team is to win or be in the top three in your country’s national bicycle race events. Although, you can also make the team and compete to a global ranking so that you can get in the world’s biggest event for any cyclist. 

You will need 9 riders, but they do not have to be the fastest riders as the France event does not require the fastest riders. Defining specific roles to each cyclist will benefit your team as climbing, flat runs, and other challenges on the road that you can overcome. 

So, get yourself in a team or make the team and try to achieve an international ranking to participate in the biggest professional cycling event in the world. 

How Should You Train for Tour De France

Every professional athlete has their training routine, which they strictly follow, especially when preparing for an event. However, you don’t need to follow those exercises and drills, but there is a point or two that you can add to your preparation training for the Tour De France. 

Your training routine should be consistent, especially during the last six months, and you should strictly follow those and build up the tension as you come closer to the race.

  • Start with a simple steady riding and keep that up for at least 3 hours until you reach your endurance zone. 
  • Then for the next 60 minutes, ride at a higher tempo zone. It will help you build up your muscles for those long, sustain climbs.
  • Now, take a step back and come to a mid-endurance zone for 60 minutes.
  • After that, your body will start to give up; that is when the real training starts. The next hour will be interval training for 6 x 3 minutes, ride at 95-100 rpm at your VO2 zone, and take a 3-5 minutes rest or recovery time between the reps. 
  • Now, the last 30 minutes is for your body to cool down and get back into the endurance zone. You will do a 30 minutes steady cycling, and you that concludes that day. 

These are just basic exercises; however, you will have to eat and drink properly to keep your body healthy and hydrated. Moreover, a proper diet will also help you lose the extra fat you will have to carry while riding, which helps increase your speed and stamina. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the prize money for Tour de France?

Imagine riding 3600 km and not getting any prize. Do not worry, and the tour de France gives their winners a handsome amount. This year’s event will provide their winner around €500,000, which is more than a handsome amount if you ask us.


France De Tour is a fantastic bicycle event that allows professional riders to test themselves and get their name in the international books. Moreover, taking part in one of the most significant professional live cycle events is an achievement on its own. 

Now that we are at the ending conclusion of our article, we hope that our article would help you know more about the France De Tour and how you can get to the event.